About the walks

During summer 2013 and summer/autumn 2015 I was on paternity leave with my children. We spend a couple of days walking Stockholm with a pram. They sleep for a total of three hours in the afternoons so I could walk reasonable distances without getting into trouble for being to boring. When they woke up we had a picknick in whatever spot we happened to be.

The walks themselves were only loosely planned and had to fit around the routines of a baby. Sometimes I had a building or place I wanted to pass but generally I just walked around following up whatever seemed interesting from the ground. Of course always concious not end up far from public transport with a pissed off baby ;)

The purpose of the walks was to enjoy my children, the weather and get to know the sububs of Stockholm. I created the archive of photographs as an aid for my memory and tool for further research. Hopefully the material will grow and become a bit more detailed it's currently a just a bit of a dump of photographs of variyng quality.