How this site is made

GPS tracking and software

I'm using the gps of my old Nokia N900 phone to record my movements as a gpx file. The timestamp of my photographs are then mapped to the gps track using the photo development software Darktable.

Using Darktable I also add a small amount of other metadata such as placenames and the occasional description. I then use the gpsprune software to collate and simplify the gps tracks making them quicker to display and download.

Web site

The site itself is setup on a debian linux server using ikiwiki. The osm and the album plugins enable the maps and the image galleries. The main advantage of Ikiwiki is that it allows me to work on the files on my local computer avoiding annoying web interfaces. All text files are also version controlled so that a history of all changes are kept and can be reverted etc.

To avoid checking all the jpg files into revision control (git) I'm using the underlay plugin which allows you to setup a directory structure outsite git that plugs into the ikiwiki directory structure as if it was fully integrated into the scm. This means the history does not contain multiple versions of huge image files which would result in a very large git repository.

Changes to software

I've created my own ikiwiki css theme and made some tweaks to the album plugin to automatically populate the website with metadata from the images. The git repository can be accessed via


Do note than I'm not a proper programmer and my coding can be considered hamful ;)