Low rise point blocks

A fairly uncommon but still distinct typology is the low rise point block. It has been attractive to developers because it's a cost effective building type. You can easily get several dual, triple or even quadruple aspect flats from every floor/stair and historically you'd build the low rise versions without a lift. Like all point blocks it's suitable for difficult terrain.

They are commonly grouped in fairly low numbers and placed mostly linearly along sloping ground, narrow sites or long buildings. Orminge and Apelsinlunden are exceptions where they create field like spaces. Their modest height and inability to hold space can be used to great effect but used unwisely you end up with a fragmented maze like landscape.

  1. Vällingby - Paul Hedqvist, 1954
  2. Orminge - HSB, Göran Curman & Ulf Gillberg, 1964
  3. Bagarmossen - Eric Ahlin och Bertil Ringqvist, 1955
  4. Skogås - Höjer & Ljungqvist, 1964
  5. Gröndal - Backgström & Reinius, 1946
  6. Gärdet - Sture Frölén, 1939
  7. Solberga - Lars Bryde, 1967