Outside the city center Stockholm is mostly planned around "Centrum". That is a local public transport hub with services, some shopping and perhaps a square or other public space. Over time the architecture, function and ambition of these spaces change. This is a small and random selection of some peripheral Stockholm "centrum". There are many exceptions but often they don't see that much footfall and both shops and public space are underused. The earlier centrum tend to be smaller scale and somewhat picturesque and later ones increasingly indoors and larger scale.

Often the later Centrum are a bit lacking in civic and symbolic qualities but there are many ambitious and carefully designed ones that are near empty and unused due to changing habits and the centralisation of shopping.

  1. Vårberg Centrum, 1968
  2. Årsta Centrum, 1953
  3. Björkhagens Centrum, 1959
  4. Vällingby Centrum, 1954
  5. Jordbro Centrum, ~1968
  6. Skälderviksplan, 1951